Year 5

Spring Term

Year 5 have been doing lots of geography this term. We’ve been learning all about the our world in our ‘What a Wonderful World’ topic.

In Science, we have been investigating different materials and their properties. As well as doing our spellings and reading daily,  we have created our own instructions, learnt about how to  improve our sentences and write a non-chronological report.

Finally, in Maths we taken on the challenge to be brilliant at fractions, ready for the next Pi-Olympian Quiz.

Autumn Term

I am really proud to say that Year 5 have made a wonderful start to the school year. We began with a ‘Mission to Mars’; learning about how the world works in relation to the rest of our solar system and what it might be like to journey to a far off planet. We went on a trip to the Science Museum which took us on a quest to the space station. We even travelled on a space shuttle. The second half of the term has been taken up by ‘The Great, the Bold and the Brave’. We met the Romans, the Greeks and the Spartans during this investigation and imagined what it might have been like to live during this period of time. We learned how important the Greeks and Romans were to the development of our society and the discoveries and inventions for what we should be thankful.  We are looking forward to ‘Making new Materials’ in the Spring Term.

We have also been successful writers this term. We have rewritten the story of Little Red Riding Hood in many ways: only using similes; only using monosyllabic words; as a mini-saga (just 50 words) and finally, a crime fiction story. In doing this, we have developed our vocabulary, our creativity and ability to interest our readers.

As mathematicians, we have worked really hard on our fluency with place value, number and  times tables, which has helped us begin to improve our problem solving skills. Our calculations and arithmetic have come on in leaps and bounds and so we’re ready to master fractions in the Spring Term.

Miss Thomson

End of Year Expectations – Year 5