Pupil Leadership Team

Our Pupil Leadership Team is made up of Head Girl, Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and Deputy Head Boy.

Head Girl – Zara Y6 Washington   

‘It is really important to take this responsibility of being Head Girl because it is your chance to show your best qualities: resilience, integrity, faith, gratitude and kindness. We can all make Copenhagen a better place’.    


Head Boy – Alfonso Y6 Washington 

‘Now I am Head Boy, I would like to make lunch a better place for children to relax so there are no problems. I would like to help resolve any problems quickly before any escalation’.


Deputy Head Girl – Ilham Y5 Brussels

‘As Deputy Head Girl, I will help the school by planning more fun trips and lessons and help the school become outstanding as soon as possible. We will also help with outdoor lessons. I have faith in this school’.


Deputy Head Boy – Diyar Y6 Washington

‘Now that I am Deputy Head Boy, I would like to be in charge of both playgrounds. With this responsibility, I would try to fix the problems so they do not affect our learning time. We can all do this’.