Pupil Leadership Team


Head Girl – Bethany                              

‘Being Head Girl is not the easiest job but it is enjoyable and important. You have to be responsible and understanding. This job is definitely not about messing around and bossing people about. If you are Head Girl, confidence is key as you have to represent the school in many ways. A Head Girl is a role model to all the children in school, so making correct choices is extremely important. If you are Head Girl you are not better than anyone else, you are a voice for children who are too shy to try and be heard. My job at school is the best job you could have and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.’


Head Boy – Ermal                                 

‘To me, being Head Boy means everything. This is because I like to set examples for other pupils in the school and show visitors what a lovely, good  and welcoming school we are. I like to represent my school and our Copenhagen Ways in the best way I can.’


Deputy Head Girl – Asma                 

‘Being Deputy Head Girl is a really good job to have as you can experience many things. Taking people around the school teaches me how to have better communication with others. When I signed up for this job, nerves washed over me. I felt like the job required a lot of responsibility and you don’t know if it’s you until the announcement. So always put effort into everything and always try your best’.


Deputy Head Boy – Shayne                

‘To me, being Deputy Head Boy means setting good examples all the time, being polite to everyone, representing the school to visitors when showing them around and trying your hardest to use your Copenhagen Ways everywhere you go. Being brave, is how I got the job and believing in myself and I think that’s how you get there in life’.