Our School Values

We are a Values-based Education school and every month we develop our understanding on a new value.  Each month a member of staff chooses a new value that they feel is important to them. This is championed across the school and pupils are rewarded for displaying the value of the month.

Our Values for 2018-2019


September  Resilience
October  Courage
November  Remembrance
December  Celebrations
January  Ambition
February Love
March  Creativity
April  Perseverance
May  Joy
June  Honesty
July  Success
August  Adventure

British Values

In accordance with the Department for Education (DfE), it is important to actively promote British Values throughout the school to equip them with the qualities to thrive in a diverse society. All pupils, staff, parents and visitors are encouraged and expected to respect those of any faith, race, culture and belief. The children bring to school a variety of beliefs, ideas, opinions and behaviour patterns based on varied experiences outside of school. At Copenhagen Primary School we work towards standards of behaviour based on the basic principles of honesty, respect, kindness, integrity, tolerance and responsibility.

The British Values are:


The rule of law

Individual liberty

Mutual respect for tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith