Year 6

Spring Term

In Maths, Year six will be learning how to construct and interpret a variety of different graphs such as line graphs and pie charts. Pupils will also be learning about units of measure and how to convert between different units Calculating missing angles will also be covered – here pupils will be learning how to measure angles accurately with the use of a protractors. They will also learn how to calculate missing angles in shapes and vertically opposite lines.

In English, pupils will be learning how to plan and write a balanced argument. The topic will be based on digital technology and internet safety. Pupils will carry out research on the advantages and disadvantaged of digital technology in order to inform their balanced arguments. Pupils will then learn all about persuasive writing – they will be provided with the opportunity to plan and write their very own campaign on an issue that they feel most passionate about.

In Topic, Year six will be learning about trade, the internet, imports and exports and tourism. In geography, pupils will be learning about where our clothes, food and many other products come from. They will also be learning about tourism and the impact it has on countries and cultures. In history, year six will be learning about how people used to trade in the past and what goods were available to past societies.

Our Science unit this term is ‘light and sight’. Pupils will learn about the role that light plays in helping us to see things. In addition, they will learn about how light travels and how this is related to shapes of shadows. They will also be given the opportunity to conduct scientific experiments – enabling them to record data and results of increasing complexity using scientific diagrams and labels

Autumn Term

In Maths, year six have covered place value, four operations, fractions and decimal numbers. They have also spent a considerable amount of time completing reasoning and problem based tasks which have stretched their conceptual understanding. Our year six pupils have worked hard to learn all of their Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) and all of their times tables. Through our weekly Maths assessments, pupils have been able to track their progress and continually close the gaps in their learning – year six have certainly made great progress during the autumn term.

In writing, year six have written short narratives, diary entries, character descriptions and letters.  We have focused greatly on editing our writing in order to ensure for sentence clarity and ambitious vocabulary.

In science, year six have studied the water cycle in great depth and also the human body. Pupils have learned about the skeletal system, the digestive system and the circulatory system. Using their research skills, pupils have created PowerPoint presentations, posters and explanation texts based on each system studied. During our investigation based lessons, pupils have had the opportunity to use a range of equipment and both discuss and analyse their results in a scientific manner.

Year six have developed their ‘block coding’ skills using scratch and J2e Code. They have a variety of different animations which we have linked to our topic on Ancient Greece and Rome. During Our ‘Internet safety’ unit, pupils created a number of fantastic posters and leaflets in order to promote the safe and correct use of the internet.

Mr Akinnayajo

End of Year Expectations – Year 6