Year 1

Spring Term

Maths – Year 1 started with focusing on time and being able to tell the time to an hour and half past. We used real life scenarios and clocks to make the links and continued to build on this before moving onto solving problems. We have also covered place value, number addition and subtraction, lengths and heights (measures). Year 1, were given various activities for each unit of work and built upon making connections throughout each lesson.

During the second half-term, we covered number multiplication, division and fractions. Year 1 started with understanding the concepts; we used cross-curricular activities linked with P.E. (Year 1 were given different numbers of hoops and had to group balls, and bean bags). They also focused on the concept of sharing, using fruits and bowls.

English – Year 1 looked at non-fictions texts. We started with using a fiction text – How Tortoise Got His Shell. We learnt the story using a story map. Year 1, were able to really become familiar with the story and were able to complete a comprehension activity, writing character descriptions and picking out key vocabulary.  Year 1, then began exploring a different type of non-fiction text – a report. They wrote a report about one of the characters in our story. This was a very exciting unit of work for Year 1, as they were able to complete research for each sub-heading. They used their notes to finish their final report.

Topic – Year 1 were exploring buildings! During our History lessons, we learnt about different buildings from the past and compared them to the present. As well as, different types of buildings found in our local area and all over the world (for Geography). Year 1, have looked at mapping different locations, and having a key code to help.

Science – Year 1 were looking at different materials. We first started with exploring different ‘Everyday Materials’, once we became more familiar, we moved onto comparing different materials and their properties. Year 1, took part in a series of experiments, for example:

What materials would make a strong book-shelf?

How many books can your bookshelf hold?

We tested our theories using wooden blocks, paper and tape to make our book shelves.

Autumn Term

This term, Year 1’s Maths topics are: Geometry, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. Year One are currently focusing on Addition and Subtraction.

In English, Year 1 are currently focusing on a story called ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’. Their main focuses in writing are using capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and adjectives. They have also been writing different pieces, considering the sequence of their ideas and acting the story out, using a story map.

Our topic is ‘Let’s Celebrate!’. Year 1 have been looking at different celebrations, what types of music might be played during these celebrations, and the clothing worn in both cultural and religious celebrations.

Miss Akhter

End of Year Expectations – Year 1