We have had a great start to the autumn term!

Pupils learn Maths by exploring with Numicon. The children have the opportunity to learn the numbers and to find their own challenges by touching and feeling this resource, while adding other elements to it.

During this term, the children have been exploring Numicon by going on a Numicon hunt, making robots with Numicon pieces, making a staircase, painting inside it’s holes, and cooking with it! The children have realised that there are many different ways to represent a number and they have been challenged to do this!

Songs and stories are some of the children’s favourite activities. By making our own story map, changing the characters, finding out the meaning of some unknown vocabulary, and using it during playtime, makes our classroom very rich in language.

We also follow the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme, which enable children to learn English phonics in a quick, easy and fun way. Pupils are now learning Set 1, and they get very excited when it is phonics time.

This term, the children have enjoyed reading “Owl Babies”, “Handa’s Surprise” and “The Train Ride” among many other stories that have supported the main topic. It is amazing how they use the vocabulary learnt during their play or even in a conversation!

We started with the “all about me” topic, as some pupils were new to the classroom, and others were starting to know each other a little better. Lots of activities about respect, rules and behaviour were put into practice and the children have achieved many of the goals set in the PSED area. Along with this topic, we also talked about autumn, in order to develop an understanding of the world. The children explored their world through their senses, by feeling different textures and making marks with natural objects.

As road safety takes place during this term, we are now working on “things that go”. The children are learning about different transports and occupations while gaining rich vocabulary and understanding their world.

Miss Sanchis

End of Year Expectations – Reception

EYFS Curriculum Map 2018-2019