Learning Powers (Synthesis of Claxton, Costa, Quigley and Clarke)
Concentrate Manage distractions
Get lost in the task
Do one thing at a time
Break things down
Plan and think it through
Draw diagrams, jot down thoughts or things which help you think
Don’t give up Work hard
Practise lots
Keep going
Try new strategies
Ask for help
Start again
Take a brain break
Be cooperative Listen to others
Say when you don’t understand
Be kind when you disagree
Explain things to help others
Be tolerant
Be curious Ask questions
Notice things
Look for patterns and connections
Think of possible reasons
Ask ‘What if..?’
Have a go Have a growth mindset
Don’t worry if it goes wrong
Learn from mistakes
Be excited to try new things
Use your imagination Be creative
Let your imagination go
Think up new ideas and questions
Keep improving Keep reviewing your work
Identify your best bits
Improve one thing first
Try to be better than last time
Don’t compare yourself to others, only yourself!
Take small steps
Enjoy learning Feel proud of all your achievements
Feel your neurons connecting!
Imagine your intelligence growing by the minute!
Use what you have learnt in real life
Know you can do it if you have input and you practise