Learning Games

Knock down the balls to avoid being crushed!
Destroy the Stars by connecting 3 or more of the same colour
Play Snake solo or co-op!
Pop all the red balls into the pockets.
Help the tomatoes escape the dreaded salad !
Help Bobo eat the dots to grow
Shoot the marbles before they get to the end
Collect the mail, but make sure its the right colour!
How far can you make it without crashing!

Games for 3-7 Years

Can you guess where?
Help Barnaby Bear sort out his rubbish.
Make a funny face!
Lots of fun with your favourite BBC characters
Play games with Grandpa in my pocket
Colour in different animals and get creative
It’s back! How can you do against the quiz?
Solve a puzzle and see which Deadly animal is revealed! Find out which of the four kinds you’re best at.
Some of the items are in the wrong picture, find them all

Games for 7-11 years

Answer the questions and blast those bullies to stardust!!!
Visit Horrid Henry and his friends at his very own website
Fire the catapult!
Make a mosaic with different colours and patterns
Answer road safety questions to move up ladders and save yourself from the snakes
Name the shark and beat your score
Use the pictures to complete the puzzle!
Use magic to destroy all the balls.
Jump the crabs until only one remains