Free the children

Copenhagen Primary School had an inspirational speaker come and meet with us. Amanda is a Team London Young Ambassadors programme and she seeks to inspire young people across London to volunteer and make a positive impact in their school and local communities. Free The Children are delivering this school tour in partnership with the Mayor of London.

On Friday 9th  January Amanda Team London speaker came to deliver an inspirational assembly at Copenhagen Primary School. The speaker shared their own experience as a young person committed to creating an impact within their own local community and motivated the students to take action on an issue they are passionate about.

Following the assembly, a group of 20 Y6  students attended a set of three workshops. The objective of the workshops was to guide our students towards identifying issues that they are passionate about and developing an action plan to address these issues. Our students were inspired by the story of Molly Burke, a Free The Children Motivational Speaker who took part in Free The Children’s We Are Silent campaign to raise awareness about the issue of bullying.  Our school will be planning a vow of silent as part of the We Act’s We Are Silent campaign to raise awareness for those without a voice around the world.

Click below:watch Molly Burkes speech.

 As a further means of making an impact in the local community, Trees for Cities have been working in partnership with Copenhagen Primary School to create a new growing and outdoor space to develop learning with a colour and sensory focus. Students will be working with elderly members of the community, planting seeds  to replenish the environment whilst building bridges between the local community and our school.