EGA visitors anti-smoking workshops

Click here to see photos of our Smoke free peer education -with EGA

Hayley and 11 Year 9 students from EGA (the peer educators) delivered the anti-smoking lesson that had been produced as part of the smoke free peer education project. The lesson was delivered to Year 5 pupils and Year 6 pupils from Copenhagen Primary School

The focus of the lesson was on:

  • increasing understanding of the risks associated with smoking
  • how to resist peer pressure

The lesson could also compliment the school PSHE drug, alcohol and tobacco education curriculum education.

Peer education benefits the peer educators themselves as well as the younger pupils, so on this basis the Year 9 pupils selected to take part may be those who:

  • need support to resist starting to smoke
  • need support to stop smoking as they may have already started smoking
  • have an interest in or enthusiasm for working with younger children

The primary pupils and class teachers all evaluated the session positively. Pupils from both classes particularly liked the role play activity from the lesson which gave them the opportunity to reflect on how to handle a situation when you have been offered a cigarette.