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Launch of the Islington Community Schools Federation


To view our latest Ofsted report in full – please click here

“Strong leadership by the executive headteacher has kept the school on an improving path since its last inspection.”

“The quality of teaching has improved and pupils’ progress is now good, particularly in writing and mathematics.”

“The governing body has quickly established itself. Governors have developed the expertise to challenge school leaders constructively.”

“The federation provides strong support for teachers and leaders, particularly during the period of headteacher change.”

“The drive and expertise of leaders for English and mathematics have been significant factors in improvements in both subjects.”

“Action taken by leaders has brought greater rigour to the teaching of wider reading skills, such as comprehension. As a result, pupils’ progress in reading is improving.”

“The school provides a strong programme of curriculum enrichment. This broadens the pupils’ experiences considerably.”

“Pupils conduct themselves well in lessons and around the school. They respond quickly to their teachers and are keen to answer questions.”

“Pupils develop a strong moral code and system of values.”

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